#10: Tesco Carrot Cake Flavour Yogurt


I saw a glowing review of this magical sounding carrot cake yogurt and immediately rushed out to Tesco to get my hands on it. I almost couldn’t find it, but luckily I managed to get the second last pot before it sold out. 

I expected it to taste exactly like a carrot cake (lofty expectations, I know). But it mostly tasted like a tangy cream cheese frosting that goes on carrot cakes. I couldn’t really taste carrot, although they actually included carrot purée, although only 2%. The consistency is too thick, not as light and creamy as I’d have liked. 

It was not an unpleasant treat, just a little disappointing. But it’s partially my fault for expecting yogurt to taste exactly like a carrot cake isn’t it?

Price: 60p for a 100g pot

Rating: 7/10

Would I buy again? I’d prefer to try new flavours, but I don’t regret giving it a try either.