#8 The Nottingham Doughnut Co. review

Finally got to try these famous doughnuts on a Wednesday afternoon, after being greeted by a “SOLD OUT” sign the last three times I visited.

I really wanted to try the lemon curd ones, but when I visited they weren’t available. So I opted for the Red Velvet and took home the Chocolate for the next morning’s breakfast.

The Nottingham Doughnut Co. isn’t exactly cheap –  3 regular doughnuts for £5 (1 for £2). But they’re a lot larger than your average supermarket/Goose Fair doughnut. And obviously more decadent-looking.

Of the two, I preferred the Red Velvet. The topping was generous; the icing was sweet but not sickeningly so, and had a distinct cream cheese taste coming through. The Chocolate, on the other hand, tasted pretty much like a normal chocolate doughnut, but perhaps the quality deteriorated from being microwaved.

The doughnut bread base (it’s not a cake doughnut) was quite oily and a bit too chewy for my liking, but I personally enjoy soft fluffy doughnuts to bready ones. I have yet to find a doughnut that matches up to the texture of those cheap sugar doughnuts sold at fairs.

Price: £5 for three
Rating: 6.5/10
Would I buy again? Yes, as an occasional treat.


#6 Inferno Pizza Nottingham review

Dubbed by people as “Subway for pizza”, I did not have high expectations for the newest pizza place in Nottingham, Inferno Pizza. But after trying it last week I was converted!

The only Subway-like aspect of Inferno is the way you order: if you opt for the pick your own pizza (£7.95) you get to pick sauce(s), cheese(s), toppings, and veggies – and what’s great is that you’re allowed to add as many choices as you want at no extra cost! Which is exactly what we did with the toppings and veggies… except a few odd ones like anchovies and tuna and a few others.

After paying we took a seat closer to the front door, and our pizza was ready in about ten minutes. I didn’t mind the wait, but I thought the system could be improved upon. One of us had to keep going to the counter to check if our pizza was ready because the place is quite large and it was difficult to hear whose name they were calling out. Perhaps they could utilise a speaker system or a digital number board.

The pizza looked fresh and delicious (as you can see), and it tasted just as good. The base was amazingly thin and crispy, even better than Domino’s thin n’ crispy crust (the former love of my life). The amount of toppings was appropriate – not overflowing but not miserly either. The BBQ sauce and the chicken were especially nice, but the zucchini was too oily and the sliced meats too salty. The pizza overall was quite oily, probably because we added two cheeses and nearly all the toppings?

If I recall correctly, each pizza is 11 inches, which is a decent amount for two hungry people to share, or up to four not very hungry people. However I wouldn’t recommend taking it away as the crust gets soggy quite quickly. Regardless, I foresee myself returning to Inferno, but I’d probably be more selective (and less greedy) with my toppings.

Price: £7.95 for a ‘create your own’ 11 inch pizza
Rating: 8/10
Would I visit again? Yes!