#14 Häagen-Dazs Cookie Dough Chip ice cream


After overindulging on Haagen Dazs in my formative years and then on Ben & Jerry’s during my teenage years, I have come full circle, ready to sample some Haagen Dazs ice cream again, this time as a young adult. 

I’ve never seen this particular flavour before, but research tells me it has always existed. Strange. Anyway, it’s basically a lot of (decent quality) vanilla ice cream with (dark) chocolate chunks and bits of cookie dough. 

It seems an unusual flavour for the more “refined” brand, and they may have shown a little too much restraint here. The cookie dough pieces are less sweet and I prefer them to Ben & Jerry’s, but I just needed more. If you’re going for a cookie dough ice cream you may as well go all the way and stuff it with at least 30% cookie dough. Right?

Rating: 6.5/10

Price: £2.50 (on offer)
Would I buy again? Nah. 


#2: Ben & Jerry’s Cinnamon Buns ice cream review

It’s finally here in the UK! I’ve been trying to avoid dairy but how could I resist a tub of Ben & Jerry’s, in Cinnamon Buns flavour (I love cinnamon rolls to death), and for only £1.94?! I only ever bought Ben & Jerry’s on sale, and usually at £2.25 instead of the regular £4.99, so this was really quite a steal.
The ice cream is described as “caramel ice cream with a cinnamon swirl and chunks of cinnamon bun dough”. I was a bit worried about the ice cream itself because I don’t like caramel, but luckily (for me) it tasted overwhelmingly of cinnamon – just like a cinnamon bun – which is amazing. My only complaint is that it’s too sweet, but that holds true for all Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.


There wasn’t a lot of cinnamon swirl in my tub, but what I tasted of it was great. Again, very cinnamonn-y and sweet. The cinnamon dough balls however, I didn’t really enjoy. They were too solid for my liking and too sweet, basically frozen sugary pieces with some cinnamon flavour.
Overall, it didn’t disappoint, and I don’t regret braving my dairy allergy to try it once. I wish it was a little less sweet, but I can’t complain about the flavour because it’s as cinnamon-y as I could possibly want.

Calories (per 2 scoops/100ml): 247 kcal
Rating: 8/10
Price: £1.94 at Sainsburys
Would I buy again? No, but I don’t regret trying it.