#11: Kingsmill Tasty Wholemeal Medium

Hello, I know I’ve been away too long but allow me to use the ever-reliable excuse of “exams” (sounds a lot better than “sheer laziness”).

Anyway I tried a new bread, Kingsmill Tasty Wholeneal Medium, and it is so good that I was seized by the urge to review it.

This is my first time trying Kingsmill. I was an ardent supporter of Warburtons and a Hovis hater, but I’ve been converted. This bread is thick, fluffy, soft, and actually tasty! It toasts well but it’s so nice that I often eat it without toasting (especially with peanut butter).

It doesn’t claim to be a slimmer’s bread, but at 68 calories per slice it’s not TOO bad, and even for me, worth the extra calories.

The best before date was two days ago and it shows no signs of aging or drying so far, but we shall wait and see.

My only complaint is that there are only 12 slices in a loaf, whereas many other medium loaves have around 14-16? So it ends up being a little pricier.

Go forth, and buy Kingsmill!

Rating: 8.5/10

Price: 75p/loaf

Calories: 68/slice

Would I buy again? Yes!


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