#8 The Nottingham Doughnut Co. review

Finally got to try these famous doughnuts on a Wednesday afternoon, after being greeted by a “SOLD OUT” sign the last three times I visited.

I really wanted to try the lemon curd ones, but when I visited they weren’t available. So I opted for the Red Velvet and took home the Chocolate for the next morning’s breakfast.

The Nottingham Doughnut Co. isn’t exactly cheap –  3 regular doughnuts for £5 (1 for £2). But they’re a lot larger than your average supermarket/Goose Fair doughnut. And obviously more decadent-looking.

Of the two, I preferred the Red Velvet. The topping was generous; the icing was sweet but not sickeningly so, and had a distinct cream cheese taste coming through. The Chocolate, on the other hand, tasted pretty much like a normal chocolate doughnut, but perhaps the quality deteriorated from being microwaved.

The doughnut bread base (it’s not a cake doughnut) was quite oily and a bit too chewy for my liking, but I personally enjoy soft fluffy doughnuts to bready ones. I have yet to find a doughnut that matches up to the texture of those cheap sugar doughnuts sold at fairs.

Price: £5 for three
Rating: 6.5/10
Would I buy again? Yes, as an occasional treat.


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