#7 Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Reduced Sugar review + comparison

Photo Mar 10, 1 40 22 PM

I purchased this for the two usual reasons: 1. it was on sale, and 2. I like trying new things.

I have tried Blue Diamond’s sweetened and unsweetened almond milks before, and found them quite standard, although I prefer Alpro’s because theirs are slightly more flavourful, and more importantly, often on sale.

Blue Diamond’s “Reduced Sugar” Almond Milk seems to be a new variety in the UK, and was being sold at an introductory price of £1 at Sainsbury’s, so I gave it a try.

Well, it tastes like unsweetened almond milk to me. I can’t detect any sweetness at all. The almond milk tastes fine, yes, but I don’t really understand the point of introducing a reduced sugar version if it doesn’t taste noticeably different from the unsweetened version. If I were cutting sugar/calories I would just buy the unsweetened version and if I wanted a sweet drink I’d buy the sweetened version. Unless, of course, only the reduced sugar version was on sale.

Price: £1 at Sainsburys
Calories: 15 kcal/100 ml
Rating: 6/10
Would I buy again? Not with specific intent, but yes if it’s the only almond milk on sale.




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