#5: Warburtons Weightwatchers Soft White Danish review

At only 50 calories per slice this is possibly the lowest calorie loaf of bread you could find in any UK supermarket. Their malted version is 51 while Hovis Nimble and Warburtons Medium Wholemeal are 52 and 55 calories, respectively.

I’m actually not a fan of white bread as I find it too artificial-tasting, but thought it’d be a nice change from wholemeal. This loaf is soft and slightly sweet, a bit thin but manages to hold up to heavier toppings such as crunchy peanut butter (evidenced in my review of Hi-Pro Crunchy Peanut Butter). It toasts really well, becoming light and crispy without too much browning.

While I’m on this subject of bread I might as well do a quick comparison between the aforementioned low-calorie loaves. Ranked in order of my preference:

  1. Warburtons Medium Wholemeal (55 kcal/slice): My favourite. I always come back to this. It’s substantial and never ‘hole-y’ and stays fresh for the longest time.
  2. Weightwatchers Malted Danish (51 kcal/slice): A good, standard loaf. Thinner than Warburton’s though but it has fewer calories.
  3. Weightwatchers Soft White Danish (50 kcal/slice): Similar to their Malted Danish loaf, except white. The only reason it’s in third place is because I like brown bread more.
  4. Hovis Nimble (52 kcal/slice): Last place by far… Extremely thin with an unacceptable number of holes, burnt far too easily, and worst of all, got mouldy a mere 2 days after the best before date. I was actually quite shocked because I have never had a loaf go mouldy on me in my entire life.
Note: The Weightwatcher’s bread is actually also baked by Warburtons. Impressive.
Calories (per slice): 50 kcal
Price: 80p at Sainsburys
Rating: 7/10
Would I buy again: Maybe once in a rare while when I am sick of brown bread.



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