#3: Cameo apples review

Yes, I am reviewing an apple. But this is not just any apple, it’s a Cameo apple. Cameo apples are a very new apple variety originating in Washington. I had never heard of them or even seen them until last week at Sainsburys. I love new things so I thought, well why not?

Appearance-wise, these apples have funny colouring. I would even say it’s unappealing because they just look so… diluted. I also noticed they have an unusually long stem compared to other apples, and they’re pretty small in size, comparable to pink lady apples.

Cutting them open you’ll see they look just like any other apples. However I found them too crunchy for my liking and the taste was too bland. Slightly more sour than sweet, but not remarkably so in either aspect. New things are fun, but I’ll be sticking to golden delicious or pink lady apples next time.

Calories (per apple): 80? (According to the internet)
Rating: 6/10
Price: £1 for 5 apples
Would I buy again? No.


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