#1: Hi-Pro Crunchy Peanut Butter review

I have bought this peanut butter twice now. I tried it when Sainsburys first introduced it at a discounted price of £2, and I wasn’t blown away but I thought it was a decent crunchy peanut butter. I was actually looking to try something new when I went grocery shopping but this was on sale again, and I can’t say no to supermarket deals! I decided to do a full review of it this time.

Hi-Pro peanut butter contains added sugar and oils (palm oil and peanut oil) and has a peanut content of 77%. That’s pretty low compared to other brands, but keep in mind it contains peanut flour too (which is made of ground peanuts). The added sugar is in the form of sucralose though so it doesn’t add many calories.

Texture-wise you can see there’s no need to stir as there isn’t oil separation. It’s surprisingly easy to spread, considering how thick it looks. The level of crunch is also very acceptable. There are large pieces of peanuts spread evenly throughout.

Taste-wise it’s actually not sweet at all. I admit I was underwhelmed when I first tasted it because it’s very plain, and it’s not a bad thing, it just tastes like…peanut paste without a distinctive taste. It doesn’t have a strong peanut flavour but it’s there.

I guess I expected more because it’s a new product and originally priced at £2.60 but I suppose the extra protein is what you’re paying for. Still, it does the job as a peanut butter and I’ll happily eat it.

Calories (per 100g): 618 kcal
Rating: 7/10
Price: £2 at Sainsburys 
Would I buy again? Only if it’s on sale.


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